Redbrick Associates was founded in 2013 to meet the need of venture firms and portfolio companies
that were looking for  a cost-effective, but experienced finance group to provide their fund management.    

Meet the team...

Tony Di Bona LinkedIn Profile

Tony's extensive venture capital experience reaches back more than 25 years and has provided him with expert knowledge of finance and fund operational matters for Venture Capital partnerships, supporting General Partner funds, and management companies.  In addition to partnership operations at Alloy Ventures, he also worked with Limited Partners on both fund raising and information needs. Tony also assists portfolio companies with their financial planning, funding requirements and discussion of alternative capital sources and financing structures.
Previously, Tony served as CFO for the US subsidiary of an Australian firm where he was responsible for the finance, accounting and computer information needs from inception.
Tony is an expert in the use of open source systems, as well as cloud based computing, and has implemented database solutions to manage all aspects of Limited Partner communication and reporting.
He received a BEc, majoring in accounting and law, at Sydney University (1982) and is a CPA (Australia)
He also serves on the Board of the Northern California Private Equity & VC Chapter of the Financial Executive Alliance, a national affinity group administered by First Republic Bank.
When Tony's not working with General Partners who are fundraising, he's off with his camera photographing or tinkering around with embedded software and electronic projects.

Faraneh Kazerouni LinkedIn Profile

With more than 12 years experience in tax, accounting, audit and venture fund accounting Faraneh leads the engagement with venture backed companies.
Faraneh was responsible for all the fund finance reports and accounting at Alloy Ventures, and also spends time assisting seed and early stage companies establish best practices around their ongoing accounting,  business operation, and reporting needs.
Faraneh previously worked as International Corporate Controller at Publicis Group in Paris where she managed an accounting team to prepare financial statements and reporting for two international branches of the group.   This included financial forecasting for the board and senior management.   Faraneh also was responsible for branch billing for shared business services which involved liaising with branch CFOs around the world.
Faraneh began her career in finance within international public accounting firms, focused on international tax, finance and audit engagements in France and the US.
Faraneh has a MS and BA in Finance, Economics and Accounting from ICS- Bégué/ENGDE, Paris with were certified by the French Board of Public Accountancy. She also holds a BS in Engineering from Polytechnic University.
In addition to the numerous languages that Faraneh can read and speak, her passion is with an art brush in hand. Working with either acrylic or oil paints she is ready to take on any canvas.

Kate Fry

Kate's last 5 years have been dedicated to gaining valuation experience where she has developed numerous financial and valuation models used by General Partners, portfolio companies management teams, and attorneys. These models have been the basis for investment valuations, and decision making throughout merger and acquisition discussions within portfolio companies. Her work has been subject to extensive review by both international recognized audit firms, and regulatory bodies such as the SEC.
Kate has also been engaged by a leading stock valuation firm to prepare intellectual property valuations, complex warrant valuation modeling and stock based compensation analysis.
As an expert in valuation methodology Kate oversees the financial modeling done by Redbrick, and also oversees the engagement with third party vendors when needed.
Prior to working at Alloy Ventures, Kate was a research and design engineer at the UK based electronics company, Snell & Wilcox, working on DSP and FPGA design for motion estimation in their standards conversion equipment for broadcast video. Kate graduated with honors from University of Bath with a Bachelors of Electronics and Communications Engineering (2000).
The discipline and logic that rules Kate’s work with partners, clients, or entrepreneurs is complemented by her outdoor adventures, whether in the mountains, at the coast or just locally Kate can be found hiking, biking and running.